Fight or flight

I feel like I can write again and again about this topic because it never really ends. Maybe.


The feeling of severe despondency and dejection. Feeling worthless is one of the worst things a person can ever experience. I am speaking from my own experience. You will not want to leave your house and get in touch with humans, spend your time doing absolutely nothing, but still having a touch of guilt about it. Not strong enough to make you change that. A grenade of thoughts in your head ready to explode but never does. It makes you keep everything for yourself and sometimes you do not even know the reason why you are depressed. There is no way you can escape it. Running towards nowhere hoping you will leave it behind. That will just consume you and by the time you can’t run anymore, the depression will chase you down. If it’s a severe one, it might be too late because you just… I would tell you a way to fight with it but I still didn’t find it.

This is the message to the people who think is easy to say “stop thinking about it, distract yourself and be happy”. It’s one of the worse things you can say to someone suffering from depression.

I personally distract myself with people. Having someone talking to me will keep my mind distracted. The problem is that there will be some times where I will be alone, and that’s when the depressions see me weak and attacks.

I don’t have any more thoughts…


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  1. I found that actively seeking and building relationships with others is the beat medicine for depression. I feel your pain though


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