Non-directional influence

So I was watching the new video by Fine Brothers- Elders React to Rihanna “WORK” ( You can check it out here ) when I started thinking about out generation.

The last question made me stand up and actually write something about it on my blog. The question was this: “Is Rihanna an artist that you would think is good to represent today’s generation or not?”. It sounds like a normal question at the beginning, but the answers varies so much.

Let’s take it this way. If you say that Rihanna is not a good artist to represents today’s generation, I get it. I probably know why you say that. She’s a bad influence on todays’s generation, she teaches us to twerk, she’s half naked is most of her new videos. This is not something that you want your children to learn. She’s not a good role model and this is not how our generation should be represented.

However, have you ever thought about it the other way. Like the title of this article, the situation is non-directional. Maybe Rihanna doesn’t influence your children. Maybe your children influence Rihanna. It sounds weird, I know. But think about it. You always blame it on the one who you see doing it. But what if this is what today’s generation wants to see so the artist gives them what they want to see. I bet your children already know about twerking and all those stuff, and Rihanna just wants to give it to them. No one really want to watch a music video if there isn’t anyone half naked or twerking.

Just stop blaming on the others. I actually hate this thing when people say that artists these days have a negative influence on our generation. Think the other way around. Our generation made this with our own hands. If we wouldn’t like it, we could stop listening to them and slowly they would become anonymous. We like it and they don’t fully influence us.


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