Not ready yet

You know what? I’m not ready. I’m not ready to stress myself everyday because of money. I’m not ready to not chill with my friends because I’m to busy. I’m not ready for life.

So you know what life? You can get your ass back to the place you came from. Stop passing by because I’m seriously not interested. 

Time is flying these days and I’m just wasting it. One thing I hate hearing is “you could do something useful in this time, work to your future”. As much as I would love working to my “future”, the thing is that I didn’t even meet this “future”. 

Yeah, that’s right, I have no idea what’s going to happen to me later. Am I stressed about it? I’m freaking out actually, but I don’t want to try work it out now. If you are going to take, those thing I love, away from me, at least give me time with them for a little more. And when future comes, I’ll be prepared. 



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  1. Dude this is really good and I can totally relate to it.


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