Hello guys!

Right before I start to talk about today’s blogpost I just want to say this is not a sponsored post. That means I won’t say nice stuff because they paid me to. All I write is because is my personal oppinion.

How you already know from the title, today blogpost I want to talk about Asos. For those who don’t know what Asos is, Asos basically is an online shop. Only an online shop.

I’ve been buying stuff from Asos for long and people kept asking me where did I get it from or how does Asos work.

I’m literally obsessed with Asos. I buy everything from there, from shoes and pants to watches and jewelry. You can find literally everything. Also if you are more a classic person, you can still find something that you will like. Talking about the quality, Asos makes excelent quality products. Everything I bought until now did not disappoint me.

What people also want to know about Asos is about the sizes. How do I know something will look good. Honestly, I don’t. I order something and I hope for the best. But until now, everything that I ordered was perfect size. However, if you do not like something, Asos gives you the chance to return it. You can return any item for a refund within 28 days of receiving your original order. You can also exchange your item within 28 days, as long as the new item has the same product code as the original product you ordered. If you want to exchange for a different colour, the price of both colours must be the same as the price at which you bought the original product.

People are also interested in how delivery works. They have free delivery worldwide. If you are wondering how long does it take, everytime I ordered something it came in less then a week. Recenly I got this amazing deal, because I buy a lot from Asos, I paid £9,95 for next day delivery for a whole year. This was the best deal ever. It literally comes the next day. Even on Sundays.

My experience with Asos is amazing. That’s why I told you about it, so if you’re confused about it this blog may help you. I bet you can find something, just have a quick look at



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