Chapter III

‘BEEP’ … ‘BEEP’… ‘BEEP’Ughh, what is that annoying sound?!


OKAY! OKAY! I’m up!

I slowly turn my head over and reach over for my phone.

‘5 unread text messages’


Open the door.

Open the door.

Open the damn door Hazel.

Open. The. Door.

What? Is he here? What’s he doing here?


Who the hell is on my balcony at.. What?!!!! 2 am???! Mason?? No, it couldn’t be, he doesn’t even know where I live! 

I literally drag myself towards the balcony doors and peep through the curtains. My eyes slowly travel from the persons black converses and up towards their torso, then leather jacket , and finally land on their beautiful green eyes. Oh, my, noodles! It’s Mason!!!

I make a run towards the mirror and check myself over, trying to catch my breath. He’s here, he’s really on my balcony, at 2 frikin’ am! After brushing out my hair and wiping off last nights drool, I hesitantly walk back over towards the balcony, taking a deep breath and opening the door to reveal a towering 6ft man staring down at my 5ft frame.


‘Um… Hey’


‘Um, what are you doing here?’

‘I, uhh, wanted to ask you something… Umm.. Can you.. I mean.. Would you,.. Like to come to this party with me?’

‘… Me?’

He lightly chuckles and the wind slight blows onto my skin. His hair flowing with the wind, as I try to refrain the urge from pushing it out of his eyes.

‘Well, I’ve not got anything on tomorrow, so why not?’

‘Um, no, I mean, now?’

‘… At 2 am?’

‘That’s how parties usually go…’

Silence. I didn’t know what to say. First of all, my parents would never let me, secondly, it’s 2 am, thirdly, what the hell is he doing here at 2 am?

‘C’mon Hazel, live a little, be spontaneous’

‘This isn’t spontaneous! This is crazy!’

‘Do you trust me?’

‘Uhhh.. Yeah?’

‘Then you’ve got 5 minutes, change, and don’t wear anything boring!’

Next thing you know, my very own door is slammed right in my face. What on earth just happened? A party? Me? Is he out of his damn mind? As I open the door to ask him that very question, he’s nowhere in sight. 


I dash towards my phone to read:


I’ll be waiting at your front door in 4 minutes and 27 seconds.
Wow, he’s actually serious.

For about 2 minutes, i sat and debated with my conscience, who was telling me I was crazy. 

But I like Mason.. And he… He likes me! And so I can’t mess this up, not again. Being determined to not mess things up again I head towards my wardrobe and try to find the perfect outfit for a party. What is the perfect outfit for a party? I wouldn’t know! I stare blankly at all my tidy, color-coded clothes. What on earth would I wear to a party, casual? Smart-casual? Let me just play it safe and wear black.. But black what? 


I groan and fall back on the bed. A few seconds past and I literally have to slap myself to keep from falling back asleep. Can you blame me? It’s 2 FRIKIN’ AM. And I’m sure to not let him forget that.

Hey, why don’t I wear that black dress my father bought me for my birthday a couple years back? I hope it still fits.

After some yanking, scratches and a couple band-aids, the dress was on (thank God). I also brush through my hair and slip on my cute black flats. I head towards my mirror once again, images of my look a couple minutes ago flashing back to my head, are now replaced with a stunning girl staring back at me, the dress was a perfect fit (minus the fact I could hardly breath). But a little make up wouldn’t go a miss. So with some eyeliner and mascara, I was good to go.



30 seconds.
Okay, Jeez. With one spray of my signature perfume, I was all set to leave. Creeping my way downstairs trying not to make a sound was possibly the most difficult thing I ever had to endure. Stupid old creaky house. But being a hungry teenager who loved midnight snacks, I knew my way past the awful sounding floorboards. And here I am, taking one deep breath before I open the door. My eyes shut immediately in fright as I smelt his familiar scent. 

‘I guess you didn’t chicken out then’

I slowly open up my eyes and I’m met with his warm green ones.

‘Who you calling a chicken?’

‘C’mon, we’ve got a party to head to’

Next thing you know, he’s grabbed my wrist and is leading me down the street. I try not to freak out but the blood stopped rushing to my brain, and no he wasn’t holding me that tight, in fact, he was gentle, it almost felt as if he wasn’t. Wow, I must really like him. And that’s a scary thought.

‘Umm, so who’s party are we going to?’


I freeze, literally.

This is all too cliché, and I don’t do cliché. I’m not going to tell you she’s my childhood enemies because she’s not, she was my best friend. Emphasis on ‘was’.

She was, I mean is, a passive aggressive control freak. We fell out, and I fell hard. 

Well, back to the present, we don’t hate each other but things are awkward and there is no way I’m going to her party.

‘I umm, I gotta go’

And just I was about to escape from his gentle grip, he caught me once again.




‘I’m not feeling too good’

‘You look good to me’

Don’t blush. Don’t blush. Don’t blush.

‘I think I just came down with a flu *cough* *cough*’

‘My dog can fake sickness better than you’

Well now I can blush because of embarrassment.

‘Mason, just let me go’

‘Why?, why are you doing this now? You gave me that chance, just trust me, please’

‘It’s not you, it’s Alyssa’

‘What about her?’

‘Things are awkward between us’

‘This is your first party right?’

‘Umm, yeah. Why?’

‘There’s going to be loads of people there! I guarantee you won’t see Alyssa’

‘But I’m not even invited’

‘Invites don’t matter, silly’

I shyly smile up at him and then look back down after catching his gaze. He then takes me by surprise and puts his finger under my chin to raise my head up and look at him.

‘Please, Hazel. Trust me’



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