She’s my best friend!

What are best friends for?

If someone is your best friend that means that is that one person you love so much that doesn’t matter what you’re doing, you can’t be separated. Best friend is that person you can tell everything and they still love you for exactly who you are.

I always tell my best friend anything, I ask for opinions and I give her opinions. We basically help each others. She’s the person I sent  a message at 3 in the morning asking the most stupid shit and she still didn’t block my number which is cool ❤

The thing people don’t understand about best friends is that of course they will fight a lot, even for a pair of earphone (message to Sophia: See what I did there?? HAHA) but that doesn’t mean they’ll never speak again. Even if they think their never gonna say a word to each other ever again, after no more then a week they will text each others. Not to appologies. To fight even more… but then they’ll just start talking again. And this types of fights are only gonna bring them closer. (Past experience)

Having a best friend is so amazing. You can tell your thoughts and feeling like in a diary. They will listen to you and will try to understand you.

I made this blogpost because today is my best friend’s birthday and I just wanted to tell her Happy Birthday.

So yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEST FRIEND, Thank you for being next to me when I needed someone and I love you.

This is the Best Friend tag we did together:

Ps: Fam, you better be reading this because I know you don’t read my blog but I didn’t put all this effort for nothing. Bye Bitch, I love you!

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