Fiction: Rebecca Moonlight & Tom Strongfield

“Madam Commander, let me report! I abandon the mission! ”

Martin’s way to leave the most beautiful woman in his life was devastating for Rebecca.

(..) As the name says, Rebecca’s eyes were like the moonlight..but, black as pitch, insightful..were hiding the most shameful secret for her. She fell in love. At 35 years old, she fell in love again….but, she could not lie. She fell for the guy who she used to see every morning, sitting on the bench, drinking the same coffee-black and strong with no sugar, and smoking the same type of cigarettes..again and again..

She used to ignore him, considering him ignorant. But that morning something changed in the way that looked. Rebecca rush out of the 26 floors building where she lived with Martin. Her eyes were red, chapped lips. Tom noticed that Rebecca had changed and without hesitation pulled back her long coat’s sleeve. Her first instinct was to slap him, thinking he wants to harm her… To torture her the same way Martin did. Being hurt again by the only two men she actually cares. She felt on her knees and burst into tears. Rivers of tears ran down her face.

Tom Strongfield was a  famous man in the small English town. Finished engineering and managed to achieve in 15 years the vestiges name across the region. He loved his job. He was a strong and ambitious person and hardly showing his feelings. He was 37 years old but didn’t look like. He had no family, but a cat who would give his life for. He loved one woman who ran away with her ex and took everything that Tom and her build together. Now he hates women, but secretly loves Rebecca.

Tom raised her arms from the floor and was surprised when he realized how light Rebecca was … -“I have to feed”, he thought.

When she managed to wake up, Rebecca found herself in a strange bed, naked, just wrapped in quality silk. Her eyes were stinging and until she managed to utter a sound, she saw Tom Strongfield, sat next to her with a cup of coffee and many goodies on a tray.

She was feeling drunk of his presence and couldn’t understand what happened.

-Rebecca, I was sorry to see you like that. The clothes are drying because you were muddy. I’ll let you eat, call me if you need anything, I’ll be in the other room.

-Do not go! she said with a hoarse voice

Rebecca was standing naked in front of the man who saved her.

When her salty lips (from tears) touched his warm and soft lips, she felt like the world around her is disappearing and that she’s falling in darkness… When she did not expect, Tom stopped her. He grabbed her cheeks between his big but so soft palms  … “-You’ll regret it Rebecca, you’re not aware pf what you’re doing”

Psychologist by profession, Rebecca realized he wants her. She was a woman with beautiful features, a pearly smile and a big heart. But stubborn, she did not let this man to stop her from loving him…                    “If you don’t try, you’ll never know”-she screamed at him, and in the next second her fingers were in his silky, smooth hair.

So this is how Rebecca and Tom’s adventure began.

Now, after years of living together, the two of them were happier then ever. Tom told her every single morning, “Even now, after 12 years, I feel excited around you ..”



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