Thinking beyond words


I’m a very rich person.

Ahh! See? I already know what type of person you are. I wasn’t even thinking about money. The word “rich” can mean different things to different people. Some poeple interpret it in material things and money. How much someone earns and how many expensive things they have. Money is important, but don’t think about money, think what you can do with the money. You might be happy because you just got a new brand phone, but after 2 months are you still going to be happy about that phone? The happiness you get from material things is temporarily.

When I said I’m a very rich person, I wanted to say spiritually. I have an amaizing life, a lovely family, I don’t have any disease and I’m a happy person. What else would a person want? I might have an iPhone 6 or some new clothes, etc. but that doesn’t mean that I’m rich. Do not ever tell me I’m rich because I own some stuff. I live in a pertty small flat, but it doesn’t matter. Why? Because I have love. I used to live in a big house. Me, my dad, my brother and other two people (not gonna use names) I lived like in hell. Those were the days I wasn’t rich. This two people made my life horible. I used to cry because of them every single day. I’ve never feel so much hate in a house in my entire life. They were killing us, mentaly. Me and my dad used to come home angry everyday.


My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.-Steve Jobs

This world is created in such a way that makes people focus only for money and forget about what is important. Family. It’s not our fault. We can’t live if we wouldn’t have money. Everything is expensive nowdays. I always wondered how would this world look like if we wouldn’t work for money. If we would work for helping other and producing nutrition. For one second to stop thinking about money. I don’t know…

 When I die, I want to be remembered for the things I did, not the money I had.

“Dollar, dollar bill ya’ll                                                                                       Everybody lookin’ for somethin’                                                                                 Can make you wanna kill, ya’ll                                                                                     You can’t get somethin’ for nothin’



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  1. “When I said I’m a very rich person, I wanted to say spiritually. I have an amaizing life, a lovely family, I don’t have any disease and I’m a happy person.” Very true and very rich, Mike! 🙂 On the other two persons, do they matter? Can something be done? We do try focus on the relevant (good and important), and not let excessive distraction due to the irrelevant ruin our day!

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