The law of attraction

I got in this train last night right before it started raining. I thought it would be a great picture.I’ve been thinking about lots of things lately, my mind is just not where it supposed to be right now. One of the thoughts is life.

I randomly asked my mom yesterday “Mom, do you believe in the law of attraction?” and she said “Of course I do, why do you ask?” and I said that I was just curious.
This theory says that human body is made of energy and attracts other energy to it. If you have positive thoughts this will brings you good things and if you have negative thoughts this will brings you bad things. Does it make sense?

Lately I’ve got lots of negative thoughts, and it actually brought me lots of bad things in my life. So I decided to change that. Always look at the positive side.

Now back to this picture. When I got in the train I thought “this train is disgusting, it’s dirty and has lots of graffiti on it” but after it started raining I told myself “this train protects me of the storm”.
My point is that, every negative parts has their positive parts. I’m going to quote a song now, “Look at things different, see the bigger picture”. It won’t be easy to see the bright side, but there is one.

Thank you!


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