Who Am I?

I always wondered myself. Who Am I?

If someone would ask me ‘Who are you?’ I would say that I’m Mihai. But that’s my name, not my personality. The person inside me is someone who wants to be famous one day. To be stopped on streets by random people and meet new people. That’s the person I want to be. I am actually working on this. That’s why I started a youtube channel. http://www.youtube.com/isthatmikey I know it’s hard to be famous. That your life is changing dramatically, but I can take this responsability. I’ll stand up to everything. 12042947_1569242309963027_275556098310337022_n The only thing I’m scared of is that close people will treat me different. I might change, I don’t know. But I’ll never forget the people who are always by my side and take care of me. Because even if I would be famous, deep inside I would still be the same person. 12049186_1568732753347316_394055870661948066_n


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